Suggestions on Routing when Extension Unregistered

I’m pretty new to FreePBX, but have lots of voice experience with Cisco and SfB.

I’m replacing a failed Cisco UC520 with FreePBX hosted for a non-profit with 10 extensions.

When a call reaches their main number, I have the call go to a time condition (open/closed), and during open hours the call is routed to a bull pen/ring group.

Since this is hosted, in the event that devices are unregistered/unavailable I want it to ring an external number (cell phone).

I’ve found how to do this for individual extensions, however a ring group without anyone to answer/devices unregistered only has a ‘destination if no answer’ option.

I suppose I could set the time condition destination as an extension first with find me/follow me configured to send the call after one ring to the ring group allowing the unregistered/unavailable option to engage. That seems a bit complicated though for what I am trying to achieve. Curious if any of you veterans out there have a better option or ideas.


Consider using queue instead of ring groups. Question provides the functionality you desire.