Suggestions on hidden passworded option in VMX locator

Just throwing an idea out to see if there are any thoughts on what might be simplest way to implement something like this.

Essentially have a site which has several tech support mailboxes… within those there is a hidden/unannounced option “2” which sends the call to the on-call cellphone for that group. Normally only certain clients are told about this option but there have been a few that somehow have found out about this who are trying it in various mailboxes and are generally being annoying to the on-call techs. .

What we’d like to do is leave the hidden “2” option in place but add an additional layer in that requests a password to be entered (which would be changed monthly or somesuch and would be specific to each mailbox) and then only if the password is entered correctly will the call to the cel proceed. Obviously there could still be some abuse but it would only be short lived until the next password change and it wouldn’t translate into working in multiple mailboxes…

I suppose if there were custom dialplan required/involved it could expand to passwords being individualized to particular clients or going to different destinations depending on the password entered… but that’s just a random thought and certainly not the point of the exercise.

It seems like this should be something simple to do, but I’m drawing a complete blank on how it could be implemented.

Without custom code, I can only think of one “simple” way to do this: Set up an inbound route with the “CID” option turned on for each of your “high value” customers. They get routed to your “has 2 enabled” IVR which allows the call to be entered.

If you are willing to, you could write a custom-context that’s the destination for your “2” choice that asks for a PIN and queries a database (the internal Asterisk database could be used) to allow access to the phone.

There may be something in one of the commercial modules that can help you, but that’s outside my experience range.