Suggestions for high quality phone hardware? Customer doesn't like Aastra

I am looking for suggestions on what the best quality phones are to use with FreePBX. I am going to be setting up a system soon and my customer has had a bad experience with Aastra in the past, they think of them as “cheap, light, flimsy junk” so I need to find an alternative.

What’s my best bet for phones that look and FEEL like high quality phones? One of the sticking points for them is they want a phone with a very solid holding of the handset so it is not easily knocked out of position… like a deeper recess in the body of the phone for it to fit into, unlike most of the phones out there now. The handset should also have some weight to it, and the rest of the phone needs to be high quality as well. Looking for a good size screen and something that is intuitive to operate, or can be made that way without a lot of work.

So… what phones are high quality hardware but are also going to integrate well with FreePBX? It’s been a while since I shopped around for phones. Cisco? Polycom? Yealink? Something else? I am open to suggestions here, both on brands and on specific models.

The Cisco SPA 5XX models feels pretty solid and the handset has some weight to it and the buttons are stable and soft.

The Yealink T38 feels a bit flimsy and the handset is light. The buttons wiggle a little.

The Polycom’s feel stable and the buttons are stable but the buttons are thin.