Suggestion to re-number an extension

I’m sure this is possible, thought it may not be easy. I’m sure it’s not something I could write. But it would be a great feature to re-number an extension. For example, if office A has extensions 100-199 and office B has extensions 200-299, and someone from office A moves to office B, but you don’t want extension 106 in office B, then it would be nice to be able to re-number the person’s extension, or move them to a new extension, without having to re-input their informarion. It would also require moving voicemail files to not lose voicemail, or if renaming and not moving, then renaming the voicemail directory for the correct extension perhaps.

feature requests are always welcome and the best place to put them is in feature request tickets in the tracker system, after doing a search to see if a similar request is not already there. As far as the scenario you described though, I’d prefer to no have to change someone’s extension number because they moved offices. You can do that with Dundi setups although I don’t like to restrict such solutions to Dundi so I guess we’ll have to find alternative ways to do it. (But there are other reasons to change an extension number per your request).

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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