Suggestion: Subscription Extended Help

I would pay a sum of money to have a help module which made extended Help / Documentation available throughout FreePBX.
This documentation would have to go beyond the:

Set Fubar Switch Yes | No “Turns Fubar Switch on or Off”

type of documentation. It would have to include layers of help and documentation concluding with the philosophy / reason for using or setting a feature.

Why pay for this? To fund keeping it up to date and as equally valuable as a publication. In addition, if it helps fund FreePbx, all the better. Good documentation for installation and administration is the other missing component as was the End Point Manager.


That’s a nice offer. If you wanted to do something like that in my opinion the best way would be to hire a tech writer for 90 days. Put the person on your payroll (that way it’s an expense and not a donation) and they can work with the team and write the docs.

I don’t have the knowledge base to produce a good result. I am hoping that, due to the integration that would be most effective, this could be a “FreePBX” or Schmooze type effort.

If we could get the hooks added to FreePBX and produce and web app to create the database then the content could also be a community project. I still think it would be a nice source of revenue.

I have produced such a help system in the past and I think I know how it should be done with FreePBX and would be happy to participate a design effort but I am not the best source to implement.

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