Suggestion: include => from-did-direct-custom

First I would like to thanks and congratulate the freepbx team who did an amazing jog to make asterisk an easy to use PBX software.

Here is a simple, not time-consuming, suggestion:

Would you please add this single line in extensions.conf , just after:

include => from-did-direct-custom

The reason for this would be to allow users to add custom processing in the [from-did-direct] context to allow various actions.

In my case, i use the excellent Notify application from

This extension displays the caller name and phone on all my LAN PCs and Macs.
The right place where this extensions should be applied is in the [from-did-direct] context.

As FreepPBX always overwrite the extension.conf, just adding this simple line, would really help users like me who needs a custom context.

best regards,

(sorry for my bad english)

you can do this now.

Create/add to extensions_custom.conf the following:

include => from-did-direct-custom
include => ext-findmefollow
include => ext-local

This will override (replace) the current from-did-context with the new one found in the extensions_custom.conf file.

Hi fskrotzki

Thank you for the tips : it works perfectly.

You’ve made my day!

I agree it should be entered as you state it. File a bug report and that way it can be tracked and added easly…