Suggestion for a call center situation to add temporary inbound route

Hi to all,
I’m trying to find a solution to a situation that often happens in our call center:

  • a customer is calling our call center (we are around 60 extensions all ringing at same time).
  • ext1 pickup the phone and this particular customer is asking for a really complicated request, after let’s say 15 minutes of negotiations the employer is giving to him a price quotation but the customer needs few minutes for taking a desition, so he will say “I will call you in 10 minutes to confirm your quotation”.
  • so I’m giving to him my name, and when it will call back again my colleagues will transfer the call to me.

But here is the problem, we have a lot of employers that have the same name (for example we have 6 luigi and 4 sara) or simply when the customer will call back the requested employer maybe is busy… so I was searching some kind of code to apply on the phone that can add a temporary inbound route to the extension desired like *35#customernumber so that he will talk again with me and if I’m busy he will just wait in my queue.

is this possible?

You would need to do something custom…

Another experiment (I have not tried this), is to make each user a queue (1 to 1 relationship) and tweak from there. You should be able to create a similar experience to what you have today for the customer, but because each user is their own queue, you would be able to “leave a caller in queue for a specific agent”

The tradeoff to this more complex approach is it would certainly impact your queue reporting capabilities. There are many ways to accomplish what your are looking for via custom code. This is just one idea.

Individual 1-for-1 queues would work. Setting them up would be a huge hassle unless you could do it through some custom code. Each phone would be set up as a static member of the queue - this way, you could also add a ‘backup’ person (assuming your CSRs work in some kind of team arrangement) as a dynamic agent in the queue.

It could be a cool feature request. If no one else has any suggestions, you might drop a feature request (or ask for a “for pay” support solution) in the “Support” tab above. In fact, asking in the Support area might yield a response of “sure, we do that in <your module here>”.

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