Suggestion + Code for it : Listen Only Option Conference

There is a possibility in asterisk to have a Listen Only option in a conference.
meaning only the Admin can speak, the rest only listen

I have implemented this myself

in page.conferences.php

            <td><a href="#" class="info"><?php echo _("listen only:")?><span><?php echo _("Make a Listen Only Conference)?></span></a></td>
                    <select name="opt#m">
                            $optselect = strpos($options, "m");
                            echo '<option value=""' . ($optselect === false ? ' SELECTED' : '') . '>'._("No") . '</option>';
                            echo '<option value="m"'. ($optselect !== false ? ' SELECTED' : '') . '>'._("Yes"). '</option>';

Could t

Such suggestions are best also posted in a feature request ticket with the included patch against the specified module. That is what we look at when working on releases and is also something easier for people to scan and find. If left only in the forum, they will quickly get lost after any interesting discussion occurs on the subject.

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