Suggestion: Ability to forward DID's to another pbx

Hi Everyone,

First let me thank you for all of you hard work.

My company has two pbx’s. One is dedicated to our support department, and the other is for everyone else. Obviously we have an iax trunk that connects them.

I have some DID’s that I need to forward from pbx1 to pbx2. Right now I have done this by adding the DID to be forwarded to the outbound route of the iax trunk, and then including that route in my from-pstn-custom context.

It would be much cleaner if under the “Destinations” section of the inbound routes page, I could choose a trunk to send the call down. Any thoughts?


Adam Ruck

Sounds like a good suggestion, but you should put it in the tracker as a feature request (might want to search first to make sure nobody’s already made the request.)

The devs can miss stuff in the forums easily.

Whoa… I never noticed they have a tracker. D’uh!

Couldn’t you just forward to an extension on the other PBX that goes to whatever IVR/Timecondition/extension it should go to?

Hi jdaustin,

That is exactly what I’m doing. The question is how do I do it. Here are the options I could think of:

  1. Doing it my current way, by including an outbound route in my from-pstn-custom context.
  2. Setting up inbound routes to go to a ring groups which then ring a remote extension using the # thingy. (I would still need outbound routes setup for this)
  3. Adding the feature I was originally talking about

Have I missed any other ways to do this?

configure Dundi on both systems, that way they each talk to ther other and know about the others extensions and then you can do it just like it’s local.

I just did a little reading on what DUNDI does. It sounds ideal for my situation. I wish I would have learned about that a few months ago.