Suggesting Page tweeks

Hi All, I was wondering where I could post Admin page tweeks I have done for consideration of including perhaps.

I did a few on the pre signature versions but now I get security errors when I try to add in my mods.
They are simple things that were written in concept in an attempt to improve the admin front end.
Simple things like inserting a google search hyperlink on errors and warnings into the log files, grouping the Message ID’s and putting collapsing and separator bars between the groups Very handy to trim down the unwanted content, also a few mods on the voicemail blasting config screen to give an easier to read view, and a few others I forget now.

So where would I post such examples.


Feel free to open feature/improvement requests at

If you want to submit code the best way would be to fork us on github and submit a pull request. To submit code we need a CLA. All details on this at:

HI James,

Right now is not a good time for me to get into the whole GIT process for my minor mods, I shall see if I can do it easier via the issues link although it is not an issue so to speak. Sorry I am too damm lazy !!! Shall I drop a zip somewhere.


Issues are more than bugs, they are feature requests/improvements/etc