Suddenly unable to transfer calls

I’m running FreePBX 2.5.2.

I haven’t changed anything is 6 months, but all of the sudden I can no longer transfer calls.

During a call, I enter *2, my transfer code. I head “transfer”. I enter the extension and get an error “that’s not a valid extension.”

The log shows that when I entered the extension number it logged
WARNING[20779] res_features.c: Did not read data.

I see posts on the internet going back 5 years about this error, but I couldn’t find any responses or helpful information.

The phone was an Aastra 57i.

Does it work when you use the transfer function on the phone?


Not sure, I no longer use those buttons.
The reason is, we have a bunch of different phones, and teaching the family different instructions for each phone was off the scale.

So I just use atxfer for everything.

I can try it, but not until this evening.

Also, tried ## (blind transfer) and it drops the call. Yuk.