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I have problem yung with my pbxact i can’t access the http GUI of my pbxact but the Local still running we still can call out and call in. My pbxact just suddenly can’t access the GUI. can anyone help me to solve this problem what step should i use and what could be the cause of this problem?



Hard reboot?

Barring that, SSH in and check status of things.
Update the system

yum update

and then the modules

fwconsole ma upgradeall

Then reboot.


There are sporadic reports of people losing their GUI through unauthorized access to the system, so a hard reboot as the first solution might make things worse, depending on the nature of the problem.

I’d start with logging in at the console (assuming it’s local) or with SSH (if it’s under someone else’s control) and checking out the health of the system. Check for things like the existence of the web document root directory and the files contained therein.

While you’re in there, you can also search through the logs and look for unusual activity (long distance calls or remote access attempts that are out of the ordinary).

Once you are reasonably sure that the system isn’t compromised, you can try a reboot. If it comes up, you still need to figure out what the problem was.

If the system is compromised, you will need to format the hard drive and rebuild the server from your backups. If the config is small, you can skip the backups and rebuild by hand.

The ‘yum update’ and ‘fwconsole ma upgradeall’ are both good suggestions after you get the machine back on-line. There have been several hacks that can cause the system to be rendered nearly inop over the past few months, so staying up-to-date is always a good idea.

thanks for responce i’ll try every suggestion here and i’ll inform if there’s changes happen

@technical check your PBX GUI Port should be change from :80 to :2001
Also you can check from GUI which port acp listening

fwconsole sa ports
| Port     | Name        |
| 82       | restapps    |
| 83       | restapi     |
| 81       | ucp         |
| 2001     | acp         |
| 84       | hpro        |
| 80       | leport      |
| disabled | sslrestapps |
| disabled | sslrestapi  |
| 4443     | sslucp      |
| 443      | sslacp      |
| 1443     | sslhpro     |
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I run into this a lot when customers update PBXact. I have them try http and https and with/without port 2001.

Good info here, I think this might be what’s happening to my couple systems - losing https web access but can still telnet in and phones still working

Next time it does I will check the ports with that command

If that is changing to 2001, is that due to someone on the outside gaining access or hacking a login? Other than changing the root account password, is there anything else to lock things back down? Some way to see what user accounts exist that someone may be using to log in to the shell?

I’ve got 3 systems deployed and all are seeing similar symptoms. Is this some weakness with the sangoma portal in my case since all are registered there and that would be one place to get all the IP addresses

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