Sudden call disconnected and reboot


I was on a call for about 30 minutes or so. Suddenly the call disconnected and the Sangoma S500 display said “provisioning” “checking firmware” before it was fully rebooted.

This is not the first time that this happened.

Does someone know what happened so I can fix it?

Does anyone else have access to the PBX that might have forced a reboot?

Do you have a firmware slot specified in the template?

How is this being powered? PoE or power brick?

It is using a power brick. I’m not close to it at the moment but I remember that I picked one that can supply at least about 1.5A to it. Unless, the power brick is defective.

I don’t think that the PBX server was rebooted because as soon as the Sangoma s500 rebooted, it quickly reconnected. The timing difference had the server rebooted would had been more about 10 minutes gap.

Nor do I think so.
I asked about forcing a reboot to the phone.

And what about the firmware slot?

Didn’t answer my question.

As you can see, Firmware2 is specified.

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