After spending 2 good long days playing with FreePBX, I was able to get a sip client on my Android phone to dial out over a Google Voice account - big win for me. (It didn’t really take two days, I also loaded ProxMox on a remote dedicated server created 3 vm’s - a VOIP server, a web server, and a development machine with space to spare for another 2 servers).

Anyway, I’m still learning how I can fit a PBX into my life (integration with a CRM for a small home-based business is likely, but far off into the future).

For now, I’ve got two extensions - one on the SIP client on my Android phone and a Cisco SPA504G that I used to have hooked up to

I can dial from the 504G to the Android SIP client - no problems…but dialing back the other direction just gives me a 503 service unavailable. The SPA504G is behind a firewall, the VOIP server is on the other side of that firewall on a dedicated server and the Android is either on the same network as the Cisco or on the Verizon data network.

I’d gladly take the easy way out if someone knows a common solution, but I’m at that point where I’m ready to stop playing and start reading so if you’ve got suggested reading material, I’d be all over it.

For the time being, I just want to set up a few extensions - here, there and everywhere (home, office, cell phone) and be able to dial between them. Once I’m comfortable, I’ll look into adding in/outbound routes…

Make sure reinvite is off system wide.

Great job with the system.