Subscription failed for any XML-API Keys assigned to Endpoint manager template

I have digium phones and want to use the endpoint manager to assign Functions to buttons.
When I assign any Keys the type of XML-API I get the error message:
res_pjsip_exten_state.c: Endpoint ‘1000’ state subscription failed: Extension ‘992510001’ does not exist in context ‘from-internal’ or has no associated hint

When I attempt to use any of the applications they seem to not load and not do anything. They load then immediately close. When I try to use the Park App button, it drops the call.

Any suggestions would be great!

I also noticed this:
/var/log/messages states:
httpd: AH00112: Warning: DocumentRoot [/var/www/html/restapi/] does not exist

/var/www/html/restapi does not exist there is a /var/www/html/restapps folder.

I looked at a packet capture from the phone switch side and I’m seeing the get and the ok for the /applications.php/parking/main?user=1000&linestate=CONNECTED request.

Afterwards I see the phone send the sip provider a refer request then send it a goodbye. Maybe thats the issue?

Any help guys would be awesome!


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