Submitting Patches?

Can someone tell me a bit about the process of submitting bugs and/or patches?

I raised a ticket two weeks ago which hasnt even been reviewed yet, and the forum hasnt been written on in over a week. Has FreePBX development slowed down?

Happy to submit patches to a dev branch if it exists…?

Thanks guys



every post, bug and patch is reviewed by one of us usually within hours of it being posted (we have a system that alerts us of new tickets). The fact that it is not immediately acted on all the time does not mean that it is being ignored or not reviewed. The development does not have a full time staff so work often comes in waves depending on time management as well as other priorities of the project.

in the case of #2410 I reviewed that personally as soon as you posted it. You are completely correct that it is wrong, you are completely correct about the short comings of the read() function to handle it properly, and your solution is a more proper solution. We have not acted on it yet for multiple reasons. One is time. One is priority (in that it is incorrect, however it has been that way for ‘years’ which doesn’t make it right but makes it less urgent in that people have not been screaming, and it does not harm the ‘customers’ calling in meaning it is less important that an issue that would effect a customer vs. a user or admin). And lastly, I’m trying to decide if we solve the problem differently. I do not like feature codes that do not have ‘shortcuts’ and require a user to be forced to listen to a message before they can proceed. I would rather rewrite it in such a way that they can immediately put in the numbers - especially that this is something that the user of this feature probably does daily or multiple times per day.

So … the patches and bug reports are very appreciated and they are definitely not being ignored. We refrain from having too many ‘discussions’ about such within the ticket system itself which is what might make it look like it is not getting attention but it is. Anything that is marked as a bug is kept very visible.

In the event that your are looking at interaction or feedback, the forum is very much the place to do that and discuss the issues since it keeps the ticket system from getting too cluttered. In the mean time, I will update the bug with a comment to provide some feedback as to what is going on with it.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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thanks for the quick turnaround!

to be honest, we only switched to FreePBX due to the hotdesking system. we designed one, and then checked out if anyone had done it - and your implementation seemed basically the same - so we went for it !

however, there seem to be a lot of shortcomings in most environments:

  • devices with default users, but no one ‘logged on’
  • devices can be logged into by two users
  • users can be logged into two devices (ok maybe that’s a feature - but it has contradictions!)
  • a number of race hazards and ‘locks’ where the only fix is to use asterisk database CLI commands

i’d be happy to review and help get the system more properly tested, perhaps you could drop me an email so that i can ask a couple of questions about the best methods to run a test cycle - and eventually the merge considerations

While i’m here though, any thoughts on this one? :slight_smile:

best regards