Sub-record-check macro

Just upgraded using the module admin and during the upgrade core 12.0.9 was installed and all my extensions stopped being reachable. I received a DECLINED message. Looking through the logs during a CLI> monitor sessions it appears that 'sub-record-check GOSUB command was not found in extensions_external.conf. I did a GREP of the /etc/asterisk folder and found [sub-record-check] in extensions_external.conf.bak and put it back into extensions_external.conf manually.

I could then dial extensions.

I understand this file is written by FreePBX and it may break in the future now. But I wanted to post this that the upgrade to this caused the system to not function.

I’m the guy that re-wrote all of call recordings, and it SHOULD be a lot more intelligent.

If you still have the logs of when it broke, can you dump them to and link them here please?

Specifically, I want to know WHAT was generating the invalid gosub to sub-record-check, and what command it was asking it to do.