Stupid question about Sangoma A200 setup

I have used FreePBX for several years but never with an analog card setup. I am a little confused on the proper procedure for the setup of the card. I see some conflicting information about the correct procedure, and I had a problem getting FreePBX installed with the card installed so I thought I would ask here.

What is the correct procedure for installing FreePBX 14 on a system with a Sangoma A200 card? Do I install the OS and do all the updates, then install the card? Or, should I have been able to install the OS with the card installed in the system?

If I installed the OS first and setup the initial system, then installed the Sangoma card, what is the procedure to get it up and running? Do I need to SSH into the system and run “setup-sangoma” from the command line? Or, do I simply need to setup the card using the DAHDI utility in the gui menu?

the freepbx iso supports sangoma cards already, you do not need to do anything, just install iso and config from gui and set dahdi confi for your analog cards. please refer this link: