STRPTIME Not Working?

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I am trying to implement a calendar integration that plays back the summaries and descriptions of calendar events for a selected day (today, tomorrow, etc.). I need to find the “end of today” in linux time to set up the calendar query time interval. The second line below is not returning today, 12:59:59 PM in linux time as expected. Instead, it is returning 0 in CLI. The first line returns the correct value. I can’t figure out why, the syntax looks correct to me.



exten => 795,n,Set(DayEnd=${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},%Y-%m-%d 23:59:59)})
exten => 795,n,Set(EpochDayEnd=${STRPTIME(${DayEnd},%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S)})

CLI> core show functions
shows 181 custom functions installed. STRFTIME and STRPTIME are included which I presume mean they are loaded.

Does anyone know of a fix or work-around for this problem?

Incredible PBX:
Asterisk: 13.22.0
Ubuntu: 18.04


The EPOCH is granular to seconds (strftime) but internal asterisk’ time functions only to minutes (Like gotoiftime, strptime) so it ‘rounds-up’

Edit, i would be curious to know whether the rounding is on the minute or at 30 seconds passed, my guess, the minute

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