Stripping "+" from CID presented to phone?

We are using FreePBX with Twilio as our inbound and outbound SIP trunking provider. Everything is working well EXCEPT for an annoyance that the inbound (to us) caller ID has “+1” at the start and the “redial” function on our phones (Cisco CP-8841-3PCC) seems to balk at redialing numbers that start with “+”.

How do we strip that “+” before it gets to the phone?

If you are in the US, on your Trunk, set the context to “from-pstn-e164-us” . That will normalize the inbound caller ID. If you are outside the NANP area, you can use that context from extensions.conf as a template to fix the CID number in your calling area.

Note that this context will also remove the +1 from called numbers, so you may have to adjust your inbound routes accordingly.

Thank you so much for this insight!

We “solved” our problem a slightly different way. The phone configuration itself has a dial plan. The administrator manual would lead one to believe that “+” is not a valid part of a dial plan, but it can be used and does work.

Totally unrelated to your problem, but thanks for posting. It reminded me to post about something a client has been asking me about for a couple weeks.