Stripping Data out of the TO: field in a SIP INVITE

I have a customer that is running an Avaya CS1000 …when he sends us the SIP Invite he is sending extra data in the TO: Field…The issue is the phone-context=cdp.udp

I have changed the Host name and IP address in this post to protect the innocent

INVITE sip:1384;[email protected]:5060;transport=udp;user=phone;x-nt-redirect=redirect-server

Contact: sip:46539;phone-context=cdp.u[email protected]:5060;maddr=172.x.x.x;transport=udp;user=phone
To: sip:1384;[email protected];user=phone

Thank you


You might want to checkout if you plan to mod through the dialplan

If you want to do it before it hits asterisk, you might want to consider a proxy before asterisk, like Kamailio