Stress Testing Broadcast


I will be running a broadcast campaign and don’t know how may concurrent calls I should set. The Freepbx distro runs on a VM 2vCPU with 2GB ram and my provider says I can use as many channels as my server will handle.

So, how do I know what that number is? Anyone tried 20 with this app? Adding more ram is not a problem.


What is by your definition a “Broadcast campaign” ? and for that matter a " VM 2vCPU"?

The broadcast campaign dials our members and if a Live person answers sends them to an IVR which plays an announcement asking person to press 1 or 2. 1 or 2 are destinations which play different recordings then hangup.

Virtual Machine is on a vmware platform and the Freepbx distro (5.211.65-5) has 2GB ram and 1 virtual socket with 2 cores.

Based on the category “commercial modules” I would guest he is talking about the broadcast module.

Using my super powers of deduction I am going to guess
Virtual machine with 2 virtual CPU’s and 2G of RAM.

This means he is likely using SIP and not DAHDI.

The answer to your question will depend on many factors, some of these

  • Host OS
  • Host Internet connection (band with)
  • Sip Provider
  • Sip Settings
  • What else does this system

There is a science to dimensioning and it requires a bunch of data you havn’t provided. With that in mind you can assume the load of a single broadcast call is about 1/2 that of a regular call. So if you routinely run 20 calls without an issue you can probably do 40 calls without issue.

Keep in mind if you call 40 people assume 40 people will answer and want to talk to you. So this adds a factor of staff…