Strength of Freepbx

So I am aware of the features of the pbx system especially when talking to another pbx system but here is an issue I believe is not possible. If a customer tries calling an external number, off the PBX system, do they have the ability to pull that call back, if its unanswered, and there is no VM on the other end? I know there are features within the system to do this, but an external call leaves the system and is basically on another phone system.

Any ideas???

umm…what do you want to do with the call if you pull it back?

Would like to be able to pull it back to the person that sent it out.

Maybe i’m misunderstanding your question.

I pick up an extension and I call a remote mobile phone.
It ring, say 5 times, nobody answers/no voicemail
So now the PBX stops that call, what experience should I, the person who made the call, be presented with? Dialtone? An automatic ring of a different number?

the client wants the ability to pull that call back and it not be ended by the system. Is that possible?

The answer is “yes”. Anything is possible. 100% yes in your situation? Can’t say, you haven’t given enough information.
If I pick up a phone, and nobody answers after a certain point, the pull back you ask for, is what I consider a regular hangup.

Ok here is the scenario. Reception receives a call from a customer. Reception transfers call using speed dial feature, to external number. No one answer the phone on external number, and no VM configured on external number. Can reception get the call back or is it gone? Does it have to be configured with BLF to virtual extension instead of speed dial to external number?

If you use BLF, while that call is ringing you can simply press the button and retrieve the call.
Or you can setup call groups.

BLF would make that easier instead of Speed Dial.

Not sure what type of phones you are using, but if you use Sangoma, you don’t need to press “Transfer” and then the BLF key, you can straight press the BLF key and it will right away transfer.

What jumps to my mind is the way we do on call.
We have each on call person associated to a queue number. We use “Call Confirm” option. So someone calls and needs help, they get transferred to a queue (example Queue #100). This queue has one ‘agent in it’ and that is the mobile number of the tech. It calls the tech for 20 seconds, if they don’t answer or do not confirm the call (call confirm ignores voicemail) then the destination goes to another tech automatically, then eventually to voicemail. you could just have the failover destination come back to the receptionist.

grandstream. Im not sure how they transfer, but they do both attended and blind.

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