Streaming Music on Hold service recommendations?

Hello there, wondering if anyone can recommend a streaming MOH service.

We would like to have current music (top 40’s) for our on hold music.

If possible I’d like to have a box here that would download music, and then allow me to stream it to the PBX.

Basically all new music, all over IP, with the box on-site in case of Internet failure. Too much to ask? :slight_smile:

Also need to be completely compliant license-wise…


There is no legal way to do this as you don’t have performance rights to the music.

You can’t even use your own CD’s. That is why royalty free music is included with Asterisk.

Agree’d about the legality being tricky… and I’m definitely not trying to get around any licensing issues. Quite the opposite, actually.

I’m essentially wondering if there is a streaming service that can "rent’ the license to their customers, that I could subscribe to and legally play the same type genre of music that’s on the radio.

The one and only I know of: