Streaming MOH on FreePBX

I work for an on-hold company that provides streaming URLs to customers that have FreePBX distro. We just did a server migration and the new server will only generate streams in 64-bit format. Is there a version of FreePBX that supports 64-bit URLs, and not only 32-bit/character URLs? Our streaming platform is on Icecast servers in a http format.



Streams in 64 bit format is different than 32-bit/character URLs. Which question are you trying to get answered.

Are there any versions of FreePBX that supports 64-bit/character URLs for streaming MOH?

I can’t think of a reason why FreePBX wouldn’t support 64-bit URLs. The internationalization code in the system works pretty well for most things; this this is passed intact, not working would fail the Rule of Least Astonishment for me. @xrobau would be a good resource for this (being a guy that pushes buttons and knows the guts of the system). Perhaps he can provide some insight?

If you don’t get any satisfaction here, you can drop an Issues ticket into the mix with the specific URL you are trying to hit so the code monkeys can look into it.

Thanks for the reply Dave. It seems we can only get our 32-bit URLs to work with FreePBX. Whenever I have provided a 64-bit URL to the end user they have silence when callers are placed on hold.

I think I’ll open an Issues ticket to see where that gets me.

Thanks for the help.

OK - just to make sure we are saying the same thing:

There’s a HUGE difference, between those. Be sure to ask for the right thing.

Here is an example of our stream:

That is a URL to a 64-bit datastream. The URL is not the problem.

This is probably as Asterisk problem (rather than a FreePBX problem). Using a 64-bit data stream for a 16-bit telephone connection seems like a real waste of processing power. Even with a 32-bit stream, Asterisk has to transcode that down to an 16-bit mono on-hold channel.

It is my understanding that the audio files uploaded to the stream are 16-bit, 128k, mp3 mono files. The length of the URL is for security purposes only, we could have a stream with 2 characters. So when I refer to a 64-bit URL it is just the amount of characters for the stream.

Could it be that either FreePBX or Asterisk has a maximum character length size for URLs?

Doubt it, but you never know. The URL is stored in the FreePBX database and is translated into one of the configuration files for Asterisk. If the problem is the length of the URL, it should be a FreePBX problem (based on the fact that all of the FreePBX settings are stored in a MySQL database).

If you have a test environment, you could try dropping your URL into the field on the FreePBX screen, store it, and restart your browser and reopen the screen. If the URL field is truncated, you have your answer.

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I must say, I was pretty confused myself.

What, exactly, is the error you are encountering, and what are you doing when this error is encountered?

Also, you should be using UUID’s. It’s a standard format for something that is guaranteed to be universally unique.

“034d7636a89b6579f89f6556fb90e168f972251e3f95802453a309ae72d9d87a” is actually 64 BYTES, which is 512 bits.

What, exactly, is the error you are encountering, and what are you doing when this error is encountered?

I got the impression it was just “silence”, but if the URL is too long, that would mess him up too.

Your UUID point is an excellent one. Using that instead of the 64 character hash he’s using now would be a good idea.

Not sure if there is any error. This is all implemented by the end user to the FreePBX interface. What I have seen in the past is when a streaming source is used for Asterisk the 64 character URL produces silence while the 32 character URL provides MOH.

Changing our format to UUID’s would be a major infrastructure update to our 20 some streaming servers we already have.

Well, I suggest you guys go through your documentation, and when you figure out what the problem is, if it’s a FreePBX issue, please open a ticket!

Edit: A ticket was opened, but no information about what the exact problem is.

I just reviewed the ticket. Our max URL size is 255chars. Yours example url was 97. There is nothing on the FreePBX side that is altering or truncating the url

You may need to review the asterisk logs.

I think I discovered what the problem is. FreePBX will only accept http streams, not https. Once I removed the secure from the URL it started playing.

Thanks for all your help.

FreePBX doesn’t actually handle the streaming. It is unlikely that whateve you are using does not support https so it is likely you have a certificate issue.

I would assume that is Asterisk that does not support https.

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