Streaming MOH malfunctioning after upgrade

After switching from Freepbx12 to 13 using the GUI tool, I have my queue MOH (streaming) time to time suddenly disappear. (a pair of times a week)
I need a fwconsole reload to bring it alive again
Any known issue or suggestion ??

The /var/log/asterisk/full log is your friend.

Find the error that is causing it to unload and fix the problem identified.

Or, set up a cronjob that does a ‘fwconsole reload’ every couple of hours during the day. That way, it will never be down for more than an hour on average.

I will take a look at log when moh will not be functional again , as looking for something I don’t know about , happened days or weeks ago is the needle in the haystack…
Thank you anyway for suggestion