Streaming Hold Music


We found a great hold music service that allows for rapidly changing messages on the fly.

they provide a URL to enter into FreePBX. It works; however, every 1-3 hours (no consistency) the hold music goes quiet and you will hear nothing when you should be hearing hold music. Easyonhold confirms that the streaming URL is and has been up, further the issue seems to resolve (streamed hold music returns) if we Apply Config/fwconsole reload.

Any ideas on what the issue could be?



Do you think this could be a transcoding issue. Only thing is that it is working fine for an hour+ sometimes before it cuts out.

I’ve been stewing this one over for a while.
There must be another event that’s happening that is interrupting the stream; a backup perhaps… something that is interrupting the process.
You may try either running some sort of watchdog to monitor the process or (easier) just have a CRON job that re-starts the stream every hour or half hour or something, re-establishing the connection. Of course, there will be a slight interruption in your MOH while that happens, but it’s better than it being dead air until you discover it’s not working.

If it’s backup, then run a post backup script to start it…

This seems to work fine on other boxes, so I am thinking I need to start over on the box, which is what we will do unfortunately. Thanks all.

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