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I am learning to configure the control panel. but i have problem with incoming calls. Namely, it has several queues, say 7000, 7001, 7002 or it is possible to configure such a configuration that when the queue, e.g. 7001 calls the number xxx-xx-xxx, then if the number xxx-xx-xxx will want to call back, it will first call the queue 7001.
I am now using queues and Ring Strategy -> lastrecent but connections still fall into different queues

The only thing that queues can call in Asterisk is agents (members). These are on the opposite end of the queue from the callers, who are the only ones who can call the queue. An agent would have to directly call the external number. I suppose, if the agent is only a member of one queue, their caller ID could be made that of the queue they are in, but if they are in multiple queues, I don’t see how the system can know to which queue the call relates.

Although the FreePBX queue abstraction may go beyond the Asterisk primitives, I’m finding it difficult to think how it could do so in a way that makes a queue initiating a call a meaningful concept, as I think it still has the possibility of agents being members of more than one queue.

I had a quick skim through and it all seems to be about incoming calls.

The assumption is that we have a siptrunk with aa-aa-aa phone number and I have pjsip account 7020,7021,7023,7024 connected to this number and they will not be connected anywhere anymore. I want when the user with queue 7020 calls the number bb-bb-bb, when this number (bb-bb-bb) calls back on the number aa-aa-aa, it will first transfer the call to queue 7020.

What does this mean? The relationship between queues and members is many to many. I suspect you have a degenerate configuration which is one to one, but you need to be explicit. In that case, as I understand it, FreePBX allows you to configure an external caller ID for each physical extension I’m assuming that the ITSP permits you to source caller IDs for all of your incoming PSTN numbers ("DID"s).

(Another possible interpretation is that you want the system to remember the outgoing number, and match calls to a single incoming number against that list. I don’t know if that is covered by any standard feature, although it would be possible to implement .)

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