Strange Warning from dialplan injection module php functions

We are getting

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/dialplaninjection/ on line 39

We checked usual things that might be wrong but everything seems fine expect for this message. Everything is fine working though. Can anyone direct where the problem might be ?

Thank you

nope we haven’t …Thanks for the heads up. I hope freepbx team integrates such nice feature in the future official tree.

Did you try the “other” third-party update?
By the way, I think that dialplan injection is a fantastic module, and I am a heavy user of it.
Does freepbx contemplate integrating similar functionality in the future?

As mickecarlsson mentioned the module is not supported by the FreePBX team, though that doesn’t mean someone may not chime in to answer the questions…

that warning is almost always caused by someone doing a foreach () loop on an array where the array ended up being empty but possibly assigned a null value.

In most cases it is harmless as a the loop will simply be skipped just as if the variable had been properly initialized to an empty array. It’s always possible there is a bug and in the main code base we are always happy to fix such errors since they are technically wrong and on occasion they do point at a real bug.

In this case you best guess is to have a look at the code (or have someone do such) if you feel there may be a problem, or go have a shot at fixing it.

Dialplaninjection is an unsupported module.