Strange number format required by Superfecta & Contact Manager for caller ID lookup

In Contact Manager, we have stored our phone numbers in the format +43 732 2xxxx
This number format works fine with classic Phonebook & Superfecta to find the caller ID, but not with Contact Manager.

After playing around with Superfecta Debug/Test Run, it turned out, that Contact Manager will find the caller ID only when the phone number is in format 732 2xxxx (so no country code, no leading 0 in the area code).
Neither 43 732 2xxxx nor 0732 2xxxx nor +43 732 2xxxx work.

Is there any possibility / setting to change this behavior?

Found a solution: A simple X. as CID rule added in the Superfecta scheme settings delivers the caller ID for real calls (but not with the Superfecta Debug/Test Run).

Update 02.05.2023: Unfortunately, this does not work anymore after the latest update.

But X. won’t match +. , but _. will match anything but not recommended because of that.

Even a single . works. The syntax seems somewhat different to usual Asterisk dial plan rules (no _ allowed according to the description).

I don’t know if it is true here, but in some places FreePBX inserts an underscore if it thinks a pattern match is wanted, when it is building extensions_additonal.conf. It can get away with this, because the allowed set of characters in FreePBX extensions is less than that for Asterisk ones.

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