Strange issue with Gigaset handset not ringing in ringgroup


I’ve got a really weird issue…

I’m using FreePBX distro with CentOS 5.x as base platform and just updated to FreePBX 2.11 Framework.

Coupled to that I have 2x Polycom IP601 handsets and a Gigaset N510 IP Pro base station linked to various Gigaset handsets… SL400H and A510H.

All my handsets work properly apart from one of the SL400H models which rings fine if dialed internally from the extension, but as part of the ring group it doesn’t seem to ring at all??

The extensions have all been checked and verified; 2x SL400H and settings are same bar specific extension attributes… yet one of the phones works and the other doesn’t??

The only thing the logs show is this:

[2014-03-27 20:55:03] VERBOSE[3314] chan_sip.c: -- Got SIP response 486 "Busy Here" back from <IP>:5060
[2014-03-27 20:55:03] VERBOSE[22743] app_dial.c: -- SIP/<EXT>-00000070 is busy

I tried turning on SIP debug too and cross-comparing between the working handset and the handset which is acting strange and they seemed the same??

The “Asterisk Info” log shows the extension as being in state: IDLE which is fine.

I am really not sure where to begin with debugging?

If the same model handset connected to the same base-station works with the same settings what does that mean?

Could it be firmware related on the base I wonder?

Has anyone got any ideas? I can post more output if necessary though this is simply just odd!

Check if DND is on…

Thanks, sorry I forgot to mention that… I don’t actually think that they support DND as unlike the Polycoms there’s no where to set a Status like Away/Busy…etc.

Also I did try running the *79 Feature Code from the handset which didn’t do anything either?

Which Firmware revision is running on your Gigaset N510 IP Pro IP/DECT Base Station?

Did you check this page (AFAIK Gigaset introduced the DND feature on the Gigaset N510 IP Pro since Firmware release 42.076 )?

Recently the Firmware was updated to revision 42.194 (March, 10th 2014), see Release Notes.

Thanks for response; I’m on:

Firmware version:	42.194 (421940000000 / V42.00)

I pulled up a copy of the full manual and currently checking the Index but don’t see DND anywhere??

The handsets don’t even show anything similar…

Perhaps I’m just lost?

I actually found the cause and it’s quite weird!!

Within the N510 IP Pro there is a page with title: “Number Assignment”

I think because the base only supports 4 concurrent calls Max that the 5th handset was getting omitted from ringing!

I added the first handset into the group as well and sure enough the handset started ringing…

So it’s an OS(Firmware) quirk/feature… few and I thought I had a faulty handset there for a second.

Just for information: yesterday April, 7th 2014 Gigaset Pro released a <a href=>new Gigaset N510 IP Pro Firmware version (Build 42.196). It’s a Release Candidate.