Strange Incoming Calls

For several months we have experienced strangeness where an incoming voip call rings and displays a cid then changes to ringing both the first line and the second line on the phone and displays “Unknown”. Often we answer and there is no caller.

I do have a check for Spam in Superfecta but have no idea how calls identified as spam are handled by Freepbx or if this is related.

Not sure why this appeared or how to best track down the cause. Any ideas?


Have you definitively determined that the calls are coming to the phone from the PBX, because it sounds like they are stray INVITEs coming direct to the phone from the internet.

Hmm, not sure but I believe the entire ring group is involved and there is no route that I am aware of to the phones from outside our network. I will look at our logs some more to see if they offer some clues i missed.

Do you see these calls in CDR?

Calls 1, 4 and 5 are examples.

As Gilda Radner said “Never mind” it was a call forwarding problem from our FXO line. I canceled it aften a problem with the line was resolved but the cancel must not have worked so we were getting one call on the FXO and one via VOIP.

Thanks for your help.

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