Strange id with new Iax2 trunk

I have a pbx with multiple Iax2 trunks over VPNs.
I added a new one with a pbx that belongs to a different local subnet (routed).
All is working except ringing phones on both sides display something like 4569-14342:(extno) as caller ID

Why is this ??? How to get it working like all other trunks (that have same configurations) ?

I set up a PJSIP trunk as well as a Iax2 trunk between two freepbx.
Outbound route is set as Intra-Company

Pjsip trunk has
Send Connected Line = Yes
Trust RPID/PAI = Yes
Send RPID/PAI = Both

Doing so, while calling the remote extension, my phone displays its NAME

I can’t achieve it with Iax2 trunk, my phone displays CID:(extno) , not the name.

Is it possible to get the remote NAME while calling with Iax trunk ? How ?

Please, consider these two topics as different questions as I originally create them with different titles.

System or moderator has chained one as reply of the other…

I combined them, because on reading they seemed to be the same fundamental question just worded two different ways in different threads. Specifically callerid involving IAX2 between different instances.

Anyway, any suggestion about issues ??

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