Strange folder in var/www/html

Hi there,

I’m using Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX
Recently I did a few updates and installed some extra packages but today I noticed something strange.

In my /var/www/html there is a new folder called ‘test’.
In this folder I have the following files/folders:

When I browse to http://mysite/test I see some spanish kind of queue monitor. I definately did not install this (can’t even read this language) but I was wondering if it was installed with one of the packages from FreePBX?
And if no, does anyone know what it is and if I can remove it?

Thanks in advance!


it’s nothing from FreePBX which means it’s nothing that comes from our repository.

nothing from FreePBX

But is it possible this comes from a 3rd party application which was installed by the upgrade tool in FreePBX?
Or is this something I should remove immediately (hack of some kind)?