Strange DDNS address

I enabled DDNS in SysAdmin Pro. External DDNS name is like : that XXXX is system deployment id. This address doesn’t have any relation with our public ip address and I can’t ping it or resolve.
Can you please give me some hints about the issue?

Are you using a dynamic address or a static address?

The reason I ask is because most people, when they talk about “our public IP address”, they are using a static address. If you aren’t using a dynamic address, your don’t need to enable the DDNS option.

a very short primer on ddns - this is a service that is external to your pbx. it allows you to have a single url that can be used to access your system. your system updates the ddns server with your current ip address. schmooze, now sangoma, provides this service. they have a server somewhere that is updated by your pbx with your current ip address. if you want to verify that it indeed has the current ip address, just ping the url - the ping will show the ip address it resolves the url to.