Strange DAHDI and Conference issue

I am having a very strange issue with conferences and a new PRI. I’m fairly sure that it’s a telco problem but wanted to run it by this forum before contacting their support. Here is my setup, I have 2 Freepbx Servers (Seattle and Ohio) both are running freepbx 2.10 with asterisk 1.8.16. Until last week Ohio was using SIP trunks and then we got a PRI from AT&T once we made that change Ohio callers can’t connect to a meetme conference on Seattle, callers get a Conf-invalidpin message, looking at the logs in Seattle it appears that the callers and not typing in a PIN, if I switch the outbound route in Ohio to use the old SIP trunk it works. Is this an issue with Telco or could I somehow have something improperly configured on my DAHDI trunk?

Any help would be great, I am very confused at this point.

You tested DTMF is working correctly over the PSTN? It is probably not recognising what keys are being pressed and that why is getting an invalid pin.

I did test, I used a DTMF test number I found tht repeated the buttons pressed back to me, I also am able to dial an IVR and enter extension numbers and be connected to the propper extension. I’m pretty sure both of those are using DTMF unless there is a different signaling being used.

OK. DTMF internally (on the IVR) will be typically processed by the system via software and then AT&T traffic will be processed via the hardware PSTN card (unless configured otherwise).

Can you give me a bit more information regarding the typology of this network? Do you have a VPN between offices and something like an IAX trunk between? If so when testing are the calls going across the trunk to the meetme conference room or are you testing coming in to the other office via the PSTN (AT&T).
(Sorry, just trying to make clear in my head)

The IVR mentioned in my previous post is on the Seattle side as well. We have a VPN between both sites with a SIP trunk between which works for direct extension dialing, but we are not using this trunk when calling the meetme conference we are using the ATT PRI.

The MeetMe Conference that is not working is being called over the PSTN, as is the IVR that is working. Hope this clears it up and makes more sense.