Strange Conference Call Issues


Call MY Sip IVR (Success)> Enter 88 (Success)> Enter in Conference # (Success)> Play Join Message (Success) > Then I get the message The That is not a valid conference number please try again and it hangs up.

It lies! :slight_smile: If it were not a valid conference then I would not have received the Join message or even allowed to authenticate through.

All modules up to date.

Appreciate any information
Thank you


In the output there is a reference to custom-meetme. . This seems to indicate this is a custom (‘handcoded’) context. Please list this.

Just a formality. The result is the same if I create an inbound route which routes direct to the conference or I have option 88 go directly to the conference room chosen through freepbx.

The custom extension asks for the conference room… so its like a lobby area.

So still unresolved for now…

Thank you for your reply


sounds like no timing source, make sure you have ztdummy loaded if you have no zap hardware.