Strange callerID results

bit of background, i have two phone lines connected. one is from the phone company, and serves the household, and the other is via my cellular Home Phone device, and serves my phones. Both go through my phone system for the ability to transfer and direct dial between my phones, and the household phones.
the phone line for the household does not have CallerID service. when the household line rings through to the household phones, that are connected via a FXS ATA (GrandStream GS-HT814), the phone CallerID announcer spells out the IP address of the Asterisk/FreePBX server. internal CallerID works great. but i have been struggling with the inbound CallerID. i have tried a variaty of things, and don’t remember all of what was done. but the result is the same.
i want the internal CallerID to still function, but remain silent for the inbound CallerID (or lack of).
i have tried passing the call through Set CallerID from the inbound route, and then on to the ring group. i blanked out the values in Set CallerID, and it changed nothing.

forgive my lack of initial info, as my frustration levels are high from the pressure from the other household members wanting me to fix it.


I believe that blank is specially treated to mean “no change”. Possibly, it will work if you set CallerID Name to ‘anonymous’ or ‘Anonymous’ (without the quotes) and CallerID Number to 0.

On most phones with talking caller ID, if the number is found in its internal contact list, it will speak the corresponding name, rather than what the network supplies, you could try setting it to blank (though the phone may still say “Call from”.

I know nothing about the HT814, but there may be conditions under which it sends no caller ID; check the admin guide.

Possibly, you could use a combination of distinctive ring (that you’d use for POTS calls only) and a custom ring cadence that prevents the caller ID from being sent or decoded.

You might consider porting the POTS line to a service (from your ISP or an independent) that provides caller ID and costs less, though that would not be a good idea if you need the most reliable access to 911 and/or for your alarm system. What kind of internet service do you have? Is it reliable? Phone make/model?

Sorry for the late response, i was busy with other things.

I tried both “anonymous” and “Anonymous” with the number set to “0”, and the phone just calls out “Call from anonymous” (with particularly bad pronunciation :wink: ). i have temporarily set the HT814 to block CallerID completely, if i interpreted the config correctly.

not really what i wanted, but it works for now. i don’t have control over the house phone service provider, as it is a household (shared) line.
Internet is DSL, via the house phone. it is slow, but reliable.


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