Strange behavior in number of incoming calls

Hi everyone,

I have installed Asternic Call Center Stats on top of Asterisk/FreePBX and something strange happened this morning. I have multiple queues and my agents are all assigned to every queue. However, this morning, Agent A came at 7:00 a.m. and the other two (B and C) at 10:00 (login times).

In the stats it seems as that Agent B and Agent C had to cath up until reaching the number of attended calls that Agent A had in 7:00-10:00 period. So Agent A didn’t receive any call in one hour until the other two had a similar amount of answered calls…

Does anyone know why this happens? I have set rrobin with memory…

Don’t know if any other option is making it behave like this.

Hi probably best contacting Nicolas and his support team at

This is something that Asterisk is doing, not Asternic’s software. They might now what happens, but is not their issue.