Strange backup problem

I’ve setup a backup to a remote FTP server. Instead of port 21, I chose 22 to utilize SFTP. When I run a backup, it says it completed successfully, but when I am looking at the server the backup goes to, nothing happened. The log shows the server never logged in and there is nothing in the folder. Anyone ever had an issue with backups before?



Did you have it working with port 21?
Have you attempted a manual sftp session from the linux CLI in verbose mode to see what happens?


Have you set up the necessary keys?


I am running the Solarwinds SFTP server so I just chose FTP and used port 22. The requirements are just for username/password. I will try it from the CLI to see what happens. I’ll also try with port 21. I figured that if something were to go wrong it would appear on the status screen that pops up when I start the backup.