Strange Application - Need Dial in Number to connect to a remote extension

(Krindel) #1

I have 2 Asterisk Environments. 1 is our Call Centre switch . The 2nd is an SBC. I need a way to call into a DID on the SBC and be connected as if I am the audio for an extension on the primary switch.

Primary switch as an extension setup of 9001. I want to call the SBC 555-555-5555 and essentially have an open audio path on extension 9001 so that any calls that are passed to 9001 after that I will hear and be able to interact with…

Any help is greatly appreciated.


(Communication Technologies) #2

Many ways:

You could also make an extension on the SBC that has find me follow me to the 9001 extension.

(Jake) #3

PJSIP trunks between Asterisk systems, in my opinion, is an easier way than using IAX2. @billsimon post explains it best: PJSIP trunk between servers

(Krindel) #4

I dont think I articulated myself well. Basically im looking for an old school way of connecting in to listen for calls. Instead of a soft phone client I want to be able to dial a number and have the system act like im registered as a client to that extension…



In your ‘old school’ how would you know a call needed attention?

Would you hear it or perhaps a light would be blinking?

(Lorne Gaetz) #6

Some dialplan here that will allow you to spy/barge into active channel by extension number:

If you comment/remove line 54, it will loop continuously and spy on any active call.

(Krindel) #7

That’s handled by our CTI server so when the call is passed to the extension it will trigger a screen pop in an application. I basically just need the audio of an extension to be registered or triggered by dialing in through a DID vs registering a soft phone client. The reason is the agents have poor internet connectivity in their homes but have good phone lines they can call a number .


‘Follow me’ to the land-lines comes to mind.