Straight to hold?


I added a new inbound route (I think it’s the 14th one), pointed it to a ring group, and everything went fine. I added another inbound route and pointed it to the same ring group.

When I called that second number, I got the “on hold” music, but the phones still rang in the group, the caller simply didn’t hear it ring at all, just the music. The logs showed nothing except that it started the music.

Eventually I just restarted the daemon and everything worked as it should. My question is, is this a feature? I have a few routes on which I could use such a thing, but I wasn’t able to figure out what caused this behavior.

Any help appreciated, and excuse the newbieness, pretty new to all this.


On the Ring Group setup page, there is a selection to play music on hold instead of ring.


Great, thanks!

This doesn’t place the call on hold, it simply substitutes MOH for ringing.


If you really want to simulate putting someone on hold until someone can answer the phone, I’d suggest looking at Queues


Yes exactly. My problem was probably a bug, because restarting the software fixed the issue. This is exactly the kind of behavior I want for certain lines but I needed to know how to switch it on/off.

Thanks again!