Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone Service As PSTN for FreePBX

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever looked at the possibility of using Straight Talk Wireless home phone service as a PSTN with FreePBX? I just thought about this today as a possibility due to being at a location where they have FreePBX installed without a backup path to make phone calls when the broadband goes out…


I use AT&T LTE at one of my remote sites and it works great. Can’t do rollover or anything but It it works.

No caller id either because of the lte service.

If you can plug a phone into it, you can plug a PBX into it. You won’t get a lot of services, but you should be able to do it. Just plug in an FXS port and plug the phone plug from the STW interface.

You would have to config the DAHDI settings depending on how you do this (PCI Card, or USB, or Network Gateway, etc), but the above sounds right… I had a client using this type of setup because internet was bad at best…

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