Anyone else seeing this site as being down?

I need to get in so I can get my account key and for the past 2 days its been down to me. Kind of annoying seeing as I use it as my trunks and now I have no phone system…

Does this happen often with them also?


I let the powers that can fix this know about the issue. It should be fixed soon. Sorry about that.

Thanks Tony.

If you want the 24x7 support you should get the service through, which is $30 a month for unlimited or $17.50 I believe, for metered (paying according to usage) service.

I also couldn’t reach (I also wanted to get my account key), so just to be clear, more than one person experienced this issue. Thanks for notifying them! It’s back up now :slight_smile:

been like this for a few days now, I am considering moving as it would seem there is no tech support options! I can find e-mails, phone numbers or anything!

opps, should have said “been like this for a couple of days now”.

From google cache…

Our support is delivered through email at [email protected]. You should provide us with your account information such as you sip username when contacting us. …

There is also a mention of “with’s 24x7 support” on their main page.

I just presumed that was the provider and would not have anything to do with freepbx’s subdomain issue.

Thanks I will give them a try :slight_smile:

For the life of me I can’t find my e-mails from them… weird.

It is also down for me. Never seen it out before.