Storage space is getting high on the following drives of your system

I woke up with a nasty surprise …

My disk is filling up at a rate of one to 5 gigabytes per month

Since you use the cloud disk resource must be kept contained …

Currently I have 30 gigabytes and it occuppo 75%

Yet when I installed the hard FreePBX used only 4 gigabytes!

Then I switched to FreePBX 13

Still I do not understand why so much space

Are updates?

Are the logs?

Quancuno has experience on this?

I found the problem
Log too detailed
Just five minutes I do a post clear and coninciso to notice the problem and fix it

someone can tell me if the files in dir / root / installer-tmp / tmp / are all erasable
especially install.img

with this command you draw the 5 largest files …

find -type f -ls | sort -r -n -k 7 | head -5

It is a good start

however, the cause is the log and as soon as I made a aprocedura crontab will publish

Best way to manage logs is to use the log rotate facutillity.
Make sure the file is is being rotated
Make sure you don’t have too many saved
Use compression if appropriate.

use rotations seem optimal
mainly logs are apache and fail2ban
Where can I find documentation?

man logrotate
(Fill characters)

:slight_smile: It actually can serve …