Stop zulu mobile calls but not desktop calls?

I have a customer using only zulu desktop and desk phones. They are wanting to do large ring groups which creates a burden on the system where each extension in the ring group sends out 3 calls, desk phone, desktop zulu and zulu mobile. To help ease the burden I’m hoping to turn off zulu mobile calls and just have calls go to zulu desktop. Is this possible?

I don’t know if there is any way to ‘turn off’ a class of phones. You should be able to make two smaller Ring Groups, then have a third Ring Group with the two smaller groups as members.

However, IMO ringing phones all over the place is not a good way to run a business. The incessant interruptions degrade everyone’s productivity. If you have a large number of small customers, they should first face an IVR to determine their general need (sales, customer service, support, etc.) Then, their call should first ring someone with the skills to handle that service. If the call goes unanswered for e.g. 15 seconds, then ring additional associates. Yes, on some (hopefully small) percentage of calls, the customer waits 15 seconds longer, but that beats disturbing the whole company on every call.

OTOH, if you have a small number of VIP customers (real estate, financial planning, etc.), the system should be designed so each call is promptly answered by the best available person, with no IVRs, queues, voicemail or other robots. Each account exec has his own DID and most calls would be directed to that. If he’s busy or unavailable (based on a BLF key) his call is diverted to a receptionist. If they are also unavailable, the call may be sent to a different agent. But in nearly all cases, the number of phones rung should be one.

I agree but in this case the customer has a high number of inbound calls that are meant for all phones in the group. I’ve mentioned the roll over groups but am hoping to make it work as is

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