Stop fail-over to backup trunk unless main trunk goes offline

PBXact- / FreePBX 13.17.1 - We’re a small company with one outbound route using a single primary trunk with a backup trunk (more expensive) in case the primary trunk goes offline. We’ve noticed that outgoing calls where the number is busy, unanswered or rejected will cause FreePBX to call the number again on the backup trunk. For now, we’ve had to disable the backup trunk in FreePBX to stop this from happening, which isn’t optimal. Is it possible to change settings somewhere such that the only time the primary trunk fails-over to the backup trunk is when the primary trunk fails to re-register (goes offline)?

“Continue if busy” should be set to no.

Unaswered will never fail over to second trunk. Neither will busy unless you tell it to as shown by James above. It will failover in the event your primary trunk is down or the carrier rejects the call as that is the whole purpose of second trunk. You can’t tell it to not failover in the event of reject as that is a valid response that would force the fail over.

Okay… that makes sense. Thank you for setting me straight.