Stop End Point Manager from adding attendant console

I know that the newest version of EPM has a feature that configures the Polycom phones for attendant console. It seems that all phones have the following config added

How do I disable having this config added.

<attendant attendant.reg="1"




is it messing up the phone??

I’ll admit thats my fault (sloppy coding) I will try to get it fixed asap.

Not really messing up the phone. But I do not want the attendant console on any of my phones I want to just use buddy watch and if the attendant console config is there any speed dials I add in the mac_address-directory.xml don’t show up.

Andrew, I think this point is worthy of discussion.

If you add the button as an operator type it will display ring and hold state and allow for directed call pickup (see the xml directed call prefix variable).

Users with 6 button phones in the 6xx series would want this feature in a boss/admin relationship.

Other users may just want buddy watch.

We really should be supporting the attendant console also.

I am envisioning adding another type IE: 601, 650 and 670 with attendant console. The amount of line buttons could then be programmed as Speed Dial (with or without the buddy watch option), full BLF/DSS support a line appearance.

I have XML snipets for all of these options I can share with you. I would also be willing to put together logic flows this weekend.

This is fixed and will slowly be moved over to what SkykingOH has described above as I work with him this week on it

Andrew and Skyking, this is an excellent idea! Your efforts are appreciated.