Stop Calls being made to Cell Phones

I am wanting to stop staff making calls to Cell/Mobile Phones.
I have established an outbound route XNXXXXXXXX to enable interstate calls however it also allows Cell phone calls. How do I stop Cell phone calls but keep the ability to make interstate calls.
The typical format for Cell phone numbers here in Australia is X4XXXXXXXX
Maybe there is another way to stop Cell phone calls other than Outbound Routes?
Any help would be appreciated

You could change
In the Dial Patterns tab of your Outbound Route, click the + on Pattern Help to see the rules.

Or, you could set up a route for mobile (using 04XXXXXXXX) ahead of your regular route but put a password on it. This route might also have patterns for international or other expensive destinations.

According to , future mobile numbers may be allocated in the 05 range.

If this is because they are calling friends and family when they should be working, tell them it’s not allowed and you have CDRs to confirm their compliance. In my experience technical solutions to social problems don’t work very well. In this case, you wouldn’t want to block legitimate return calls to customers and vendors.

OTOH, if it’s because calls to mobiles are expensive, you may need a better trunking provider. A high quality route to AU mobile should cost you no more than AUD 0.03/min.

Thanks Stewart…That works like a charm. :smiley:

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