Stop call recording in middle of call

Hi Mates,
I have a requirement to stop a call recording in Elastix 2.5 / 2.4 while the extension is put on "Always"
This is because by default we need to put in on always to record all calls but to pass some confidential information over the ph we can dial #1 / *1 to stop the recoding.

Any suggestions


You’ll have to upgrade to a modern Distro… That was all rewritten in 12. Sorry 8-\

HI Rob,
Thanks for the reply, which module i need to upgrade, i believe it will be done by FreePBX Framework ?


You’ll need to upgrade to freepbx 12. There is a version upgrader available in module admin that you need to install and run.

Hi Rob,
I am using Elastix. When i update the freepbx from .sh file from CLI it gives me following error
cat: /etc/schmooze/pbx-version: No such file or directory
cat: /etc/schmooze/pbx-brand: No such file or directory

If i need to add something ??


You should be using the version upgrader in module admin. Not running any scripts.

Go to module admin -> check online. Then download and install the FreePBX upgrader, and run it there.

Hi Rob,
Thanks, a bit confused. If i put recording on “On Demand” i can start the recording by dialling *1 in the middle of call. What if i put the recording on “Always”, by dialling *1 i can stop the recording ??


You can only stop it if you have the override permission for on-demand call recording. If you only have ‘yes’, then you don’t have permission to stop a previously forced recording.


I found a useful config here:
(I’m not allowed to add a link apparently, so add http:// to the line above.)

Basically it claims to pause recording, but its actually just muting mixmonitor channels. It also adds a feature code #1 to pause (mute) and #3 to unpause (unmute) recording. Whats nice is it never actually stops recording, so you end up with one file instead of multiple.
With some editing to the config.txt file found there, we have been able to add this to Elastix and FreePBX systems without having to upgrade to a newer version.


Which is what the current Recording stuff does.

I would have thought clicking on ‘Upgrade’ a few times would be easier than messing around with custom dialplan, but, each to his own :sunglasses:


I agree that pressing “Upgrade” is a quicker solution now that the newer versions offer this ability, but for those of us mired in “IT politics”, getting approval to upgrade a production system is a nightmare at best.
That said, I don’t know if the dial plan manipulation will help the OP, but I know I spent hours looking for a working solution, and just wanted to share the source. If nothing else, hopefully it helps others who come across this thread in their googling.

I am using freepbx version14. Can you guide me to do the same.

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